Privacy Policy

This privacy policy only applies to the servers operated by Mikoto Platforms. Open-source installations of Mikoto may not adhere to this privacy policy, and Mikoto Platforms is not responsible for liabilities of self-hosted Mikoto Core servers.

Data Privacy

Mikoto makes an explicit effort to be a pseudonymous platform. We do not collect any more data than what is necessary for our operation.

The information we may store includes:

  • Account information: This includes your username and email
  • Messages and content: This includes any textual, image, or video content that is uploaded to our spaces
  • Payment information: If you are subscribing to one of our paid plans, we may transfer your payment information to one of our payment providers
  • Usage patterns: we may trace your usage patterns server-side, and if you opt into our bug tracking program, client-side usage patterns as well.
  • Other information that you grant to Mikoto Platforms as well.

Disclosure and Updates

We will attempt to reach you through the email used when signing up for an account, if there is either a change to our policies or there was a data breach.

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