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We are building the most overkill messaging app in the world.

Notes Channel

Give your space a wiki. A real-time knowledgebase for your team, that your team and community can read and edit together

Text Channel

Message anyone with ease, with the advanced threading features of Mikoto that allows you to organize conversations by topic.

Voice Channel

A real-time, group voice / video channel that you can hop into and leave any time. Talk with anyone, over any medium.

the internet is broken;
we are here to fix it.

The internet is dying right now. The current generation of social platforms are filled with low-value content, that is designed to either make you angry, depressed or addicted.

What used to be a place for global freedom, creativity and collaboration only seeks to extract your attention.

We are here to fix that.

A community-centric approach to the internet.

We are building a new kind of social platform. One that is built around communities, not noise. One that you have control over, not the algorithms.

We are building a real-time, invite-first, community-centric social platform that is divided into "Spaces". Each space is a self-contained community, with its own rules, moderation and channels.

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